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Sep 13, 2012 4:30am EDT
u.s. embassies overseas as to warships had toward the coast of libya. good morning -- it is thursday, september 13. i am cynn√Č simpson. >> i am steve chenevey. steve ruan is with us this morning for the forecast. >> lots of sunshine is on the way later this afternoon. temperatures outside are a cold start as you head out the door. $53. reagan and national airport at 63 degrees. satellite and radar, not a cloud in the sky. a great indication of what is on the way later today. middle 70's at noon with lots of sunshine mostly sunny by 5:00. temperatures will be in the 80's. we have a cold front on the way. it may bring some showers. first, here is angela foster with traffic. >> we are looking at a pretty good start. back to speak at the woodrow wilson bridge. traffic is slow for the most -- clear for the most part. we are now moving quite well. heading into maryland on the outer loop. in maryland, if you are traveling on the beltway between greenbelt and college park, we still have a clothesline on the inner loop. the inner loop, between route 1 and kenliworth, the left lane gets by. u
Sep 25, 2012 4:30am EDT
of the u.s. ambassador to libya as a bump in the road rather than part of a chain of events. the white house called romney's comments desperate and defensive. tim kaine picking up a major endorsement today. a delaware senator is going to support behind a democrat at a stop in fairfax county. then they will both go to n for a roundtable discussion on supporting small business. and george allen are battling for the seat held by webb. justin timberlake brought sexy back and now he's looking to bring myspace back. atlet's get to linda bell bloomberg headquarters in new york with that and more. gains insee some yesterday. .t went to a new record high the company is expected to the leader in the u.s. to display advertising, which banner ads. facebook stocks it now trading below $21 a share. some say the stock is and it's predicted to drop. annger justin timberlake took in myspace ake ago. users can give their e-mail for an invite to the new service. the peanut butter recall is getting expanded beyond trader joe's. more on that in the next hour. reporting for abc 7 news. back to you. >>
Sep 12, 2012 4:30am EDT
libya. two stateas confirmed department employees have been killed. u.s.sters stormed the consulate in benghazi. they fired the gunshots and eventually burned down the conflict. state department facility in protests, saw violent outcry of a film that attacks the profit muhammed. a real-estate developer in film hasa behind the gone into hiding. apple is expected to unveil 5 at an event in san francisco today. google maps will be replaced apple's 3-d and "the voice navigation software. the rivalry between apple and google intensify as. >> there is enough friction that it had to go out and map the entire world so it would not be dependent on its competitor. >> google says it's releasing youtube application on the ipad and the iphone. holiday shopping expected to hit the recession levels. >> let's say good morning to .inda bell pre-recession levels. stock-index futures indicating a stronger open, building on on optimism gains, the fed will announce a third bond purchases. the fed chairman last month did that two rounds have failed to breathe life into the labor .arkets economists predic
Sep 18, 2012 4:30am EDT
planning to refocus this week after his statement on the murder of u.s. diplomats in libya. >> later this morning mitt romney and his wife will make an appearance on "live! with kelly and michael" at 9:00. it was three taped. he kept things light by talking about his love for at jersey shore start snooki and his pet peeves. >> paul ryan will campaign in new hampshire this morning and then to newport news virginia. tomorrow morning he will speak at a factory in danville. he has made several stops in virginia. >> president obama and the vice president hitting the campaign trail. rapper jay-z and his wife will host a fund-raiser for the president in new york today. tonight the president will appear on the late show with david letterman. vice president biden will campaign in iowa. the president will still visit prince william county on friday. he will be in woodbrige and not manassas. stay with abc 7 for full coverage of the presidential election. for instance updates, go to our web site as well as facebook and twitter. >> the retrial of a local veteran charged with murdering h
Sep 17, 2012 4:30am EDT
last week's deadly inault on the u.s. consulate s premeditated. the interim president of libya ,aid the attack was planned that the date of september 11 had been targeted. >> prince harry may have been the target of an attack on a naval base in afghanistan. they say it was aimed at the third in line to the british .hrone he was quickly taken to safety. the attack destroyed several jets, refueling stations, and more. >> lawyers say the british royal will make a craig moe complaint today against the make allher wh complaint against the the nude er who took pictures of prince william's wife. the'french will releaseays it 26 pages of photographs today. >> president obama is on the today with stops cincinnati and columbus, .hio the president is expected to chinese subsidies for automobiles and automobile parts. after romney accused obama of being easy on china and jobs go to that country. the was a small plane crashed at the airport in pueblo, colorado. not wantcampaign did to interfere with the any emergencyor efforts, so he canceled event. he will speak before the u.s. chamber of commerce
Sep 14, 2012 4:30am EDT
attack that killed four americans at the u.s. embassy in libya. good morning washington. tds friday, september 14. i'm cynne simpson. >> let's get a check on the forecast. >> good morning. it is friday and we're looking at mainly clear skies but some clouds rolling in mainly this afternoon all part of a cold front, a weak cold front that will bring up the chance for a few sprinkles. 65 at reagan national airport. about 10 degrees cooler at dulles. 52 in manassas. michigan, indiana, yill, this is the cold front that is going move our way later on today. here is our futurecast. daytime highs hover around the 80-degree mark. chances for some sprinkles yet another cooldown in the extended outoutlook. first, a check of traffic. >> there are a few work zones that are still active. the good news is on the interloop, we're already cleared. all lanes are open and we're in the processoring up the cones on the outer loop lane. we're up to four lanes now. overnight construction gone but of course we still have that new traffic pat western one lane to the left. if you're traveling in virginia no
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6